Student Block No. 1


A Little Bit More 

4 min.
Amy Nguyen


Record Damage
8 min.    
Jason Bray

Silent Night
4 min. 
Amanda Beaudry

The Weed Whacker Massacre
12 min.    
Wes L. Walker

Three Dark Days
2 min.    
Ethan Strong

11 min.    
Jeremy Thao

A Fistful of Fangs
9 min.    
Turner Ivey

Sweeter Than Isolation
11 min.    
Allysa Cole

Student Block No. 2

4 min.
Nick Brisbay

He Is The Start 
6 min.    
Ashley Blair


 5 min.    
Jason Bray


Where is Annie Overby?
19 min.    
Brandon Adams

Last Day of Summer
10 min.    
Sebastian Anderson

Death of a …
16 min.    
Bailey Pless

Walk to Eternity
3 min.    
Tylere Brown

Take the Chance
6 min.    
Cody Stubbs

8 min.    
Sophia Camak


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